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08 декабря 2018, 10:35

Amazon Music Customers Can Now Casually Chat With Alexa

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Asking Alexa for help might seem robotic, however, Amazon Music customers can now casually speak with the virtual voice assistant about their personal music tastes.

On Thursday, Amazon Music is announcing new voice features that will allow customers to chat with Alexa in a more natural tone, TechCrunch reported. These features will enable customers and Alexa to converse over playlist preferences and have users indicate to Alexa which songs they want to hear on the platform. Starting on Dec. 6, they will be available to Amazon Music subscribers worldwide.

In the past, Amazon has integrated Alexa with Amazon Music to help customers. Even though Alexa can be helpful with playing beats, customers can only talk with the virtual voice assistant via basic commands.

Amazon Echo Dot (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Now, with these new features, customers and Alexa will be able to have more robust discussions about music. Customers can simply ask, “Alexa, help me find dinner music,” and Alexa will help them find the right playlist for the occasion. According to Amazon, Alexa can be told to find playlists by genre, mood, and tempo. Alexa can also respond with follow-up questions to make playlists more personalized.

And, that’s not all. Customers can also tell Alexa which songs they like or dislike on Amazon Music. When they ask Alexa to play music, Alexa will come back with a more customized response based on their preferred playlists, songs they said they liked, and artists they’ve asked Alexa to follow in the past.

“It’s a paradigm shift because you’re getting into conversations. Before, customers would ask Alexa to do something and Alexa would respond with music,” Kintan Brahmbhatt, director of product for Amazon Music, told TechCrunch. “Today, we’re shifting into deep personalization and Alexa will have an interactive conversation with the customer.”

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Source: https://www.geek.com/tech/amazon-music-customers-can-now-casually-chat-with-alexa-1764574/?source=amazon